It’s one thing to tout integral as the world’s most comprehensive map of human potential, and quite another to design an advanced training curriculum that exercises the full range of your potential.


Workshops (2-3 days)

Tasting Integral Fundamentals

Our workshops expose you to some of the fundamentals of what is involved with being an integral professional. Within a few days you can get a taste of new integral skills and techniques that can be applied immediately. Learn More ►

Seminars (5-10 days)

Living Integral Awareness

Our seminars provide you with a deep dive into a specific professional discipline or context. By the end of the week you will have some powerful reference points to serve you in up-leveling your own applied integral awareness. Learn More ►

Courses (4-12 weeks)

Mastering Integral Topics

Our courses prepare you to be a master of important topics relevant to being a successful integral practitioner. Upon completing a course you will have new inspiration and valuable expertise in being an integral professional. Learn More ►


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